Art House Coffee Books

Looking for an interesting gift for someone who has everything, or a great conversation piece on your coffee table? Each year I produce a book containing a selection of the work I have completed throughout that time.
2020 2021 book image.jpeg
Whispering Paperbarks, Zen Reflection, The Gap, Stony Outcrop, Bush Remnants, Window to the Dreaming, Blue Wren Magic, Let the Pain of the Past Melt Away, Blue is the View, Coastal Cove, Manifestation, Bush Jewels, Cape of Good Hope, Banksia Banquet, Banksia Beauty, Pool of Peace, Reflective Dream, Summertime, Natures' Thaw, Immersion, Circles of Time, Pisces Rising, Rocky Wilderness, Sun, Surf and Sand Triptych, Solar Sun, Shiraz, Golden Springtime, Leschenaultia Magic, Chakra Flow, Portrait of Llyod, Natures' Sunshine, Bush Banksias', See The Real Me.
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Here Comes the Bride, Starburst, Dream State, Floating on Floral, Approaching Storm, Tenterfield Tree Tops, Can we recycle the land with single use plastic bags, Microcosm, Spring Fever, Child’s Play, Blossom, First Rains, The Grove, The Arch, Door to the dreaming, Worship at the Altar of Nature, Terra Nullius, No-bodies Land, Salt Lake Flood, Bush Burst, Jamie’s Spider-boy.
Dad’s Country, Proteas, Echoes of Country, Mud Flats, Reflective Pool, Moonlight Shimmer, Lady of the Lake, Wetlands 2, Hidden Pools, Into the Void, Prison Boab Tree, Bush Break, Melting Mirage, Swan Valley Vines, Guildford Flood, Rocky Retreat, Silver Princess Blossoms, Country Road, Mining the Big North, Kimberley Muster, Wings of Resurrection
Lightstream, Stripping the Land, Forgotten Land, Aerial Shimmer, Overland, Blue Wren, Rocky Outcrop, Ashes to Ashes, Standing Tall, Catching the Light, Sparkle, Reflective Stance, Morning Light, DNA of Cellular Memory, Elusive Light, In the Shallows, Liquid Gold, Golden Pond, Rain Dance
Storm Surge, Beautiful Dawn, Effervescence, Wetlands, Shadow Play, East Perth Inlet, Spiritual Matter, Melting Moments, Driftwood, Tranquil Vortex, Making Tracks, Backwater Bliss, Bushland, Off the Beaten Track, Midnight Billabong, Precipice, Atmospheric, Eucalypt Blossoms, Exposed, Ladybug Love
Heaven and Earth, Red Dirt Plains, Diptych, Island Chain, Flood Plain Perspectives, Sand Jewels, The Red Centre, Lighthouse Walk, Sand Dune Shadows, Dune, Evening Glow, Leaf Litter, Prickly Pear, Bunker Bay 2, Bunker Bay 1, Mystic Pool Yallingup, Ocean Inlet, Boabs, Hill Top 2, A Quiet Moment, A Quiet Moment 2, Hill Top 2
Across the Plains, The Pinnacles, This land’s on Fire, Salt Pan Moon, Time Calls us Home, It’s written in the Stars, Ocean Jewels, Emerald Rocks 1, Emerald Rocks 2, Low Tide, Ocean’s Edge, Rock Pools, Sanctuary, Solitude, River Reflections, River Views, Twisted Reflections, Ibis Lookout, Let’s Party, Starry Starry Desert Night
Across the Swan River, Mist on the Swan River, Beach Escape, Opal Shores, Beachscape, Yallingup Dunes, Beauty on the Beach, Sleeping Rock, Maggie’s Waiting, Dee Why Rocks, Long Reef, Florabunda, Naturaliste HIgh Ground, Twisted Trees, Barren Ground, Dragonfly Dance 1, Blue Brook, Australia’s Chequered Past, Desert Willy Willys, Point of Origin, Rhythm of the Rocks, Ghost Gums, Underwater Garden, Grass Trees, Kimberly Spring, The Healing Land, Chittering Hills, Chittering Hills 1, Chittering Hills 2, Renewal, Silent Sentinels, Bush Carnival, Flooded Interior
Heatwave, Scorched Dreams, Simpson Desert, Storm Fields, Gorgeous, Pilbra Gold, Black Hole, Surrender, Souls of the Earth, Souls Escape, Sea of Serenity, Yallinup Beach, On the Rocks, Secret Shallows, Flood Plains, Last Vines, The River, Tree of Love, High Country, Buddha in the Lilies
Scarred Heartland, Letting Go, Fragile Guardians, Water Nymphs, Sensual Entanglement 1, Sensual Entanglement 2, Pink Salt Lake, Moonlight Madonna, The Fertile Earth, Dawn Caresses Mother Earth, Top End Dreaming, Living Salt Lake, Emerging, River Ants, Illusions in Motion, Spirits in the Slip Stream, Illusions in Motion, Spirits in the Slip Stream, Desert Diamonds, After the Fire, The Gathering
Transient Light, Transient Night, Emerald Pool, Caught in the Flow, Opals of the Sea, Crossing the Line, Submerged Reflection 1, Submerged Reflection 2, Coastal Dunes, Flood Plains, Kata Tjuta, Tree Top Totems, Flight to Freedom, Resolution, Prayers, Let Sleeping Dogs Lie, Nullabour Intersection, Sister Dreaming, Desert Heart
Tree Fern, Roots of Time, The Waggl on Swan, Sacred Flight, Duck Dreaming, Old Man Dreaming, Turtle Dreaming, Didgeridoos on the Backwood River, Timeless, Around the Bend, Once in a Blue Moon, Father, Son and Holy Spirit, Termite Country, Desert delight, Brolga Sunset, Swamp Totems, Daybreak, Evolution, Waggl Moon, Heavenly Bodies, Down Under Dreaming, Dragonfly, Boab Moon, Rainbow Dawn